Best 10 Fact Of MARVEL

Somewhat, we're all inquisitive about the universe of comic books and superheroes. As children, we've all thought about what it'd resemble to have superpowers of our own.

Presently, mainstream society takes us nearer to this world by rejuvenating it on the large screens. In any case, a few of us actually hunger for additional regardless of the broad rundown of movies and arrangement accessible to us. To help you scratch this tingle, here are the must-know Marvel realities for such a fan.

We’ve rooted though the history books for fascinating Marvel facts from it’s comic book history to intriguing trivia on the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

1. The First Marvel Superhero

Thought Captain America was the first Marvel hero? Well you’d be right were it not for some clever modifications. Marvel’s first hero, appearing in Marvel #1 in 1939 was The Human Torch – not Johnny Storm but an android that could control fire. The comic book sold more than 800,000 copies. Our fave Cap wasn’t born into the world until 1941, selling over one million copies.

2. Marvel Almost Owned DC

In our list of Spider-Man facts, we mentioned that the Clone Saga almost killed Marvel Comics, but a decade earlier, DC was in the dumps as their characters weren’t really selling. Jim Shooter, Marvel’s editor-in-chief was approached by the head of Warner Communications’ publishing at the time but turned down the offer claiming DC characters wouldn’t sell as they weren’t very good. Ouch! Imagine if the deal went ahead. That same-old Marvel comics vs. DC comics debate would never have existed!

3. Aunt May and Tony Together?

An MCU hook-up? Hear us out before scrambling for the barf bags! Melissa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. (who played the respective pair in Civil War) knew each other from the 1994 film Only You, and dated for a while. Her position in Homecoming was in fact a recommendation by Downey despite breaking up on good terms some time ago. It’s always who you know in Hollywood…

4. Black Panther is NOT the Richest Superhero

It has been estimated that Black Panther has an estimated net worth of somewhere in the trillions. This makes T’Challa himself only slightly less well-off than the entirety of Sweden which has a nominal GDP of $507 billion. Being king of a country and thus its wealth being your wealth will no doubt do this for you but believe it or not, he’s not the number one richest hero in the Universe as many would assume – check out our ranking of the richest Marvel heroes to find out who makes it to the top of the list!

5. Wolverine was Almost a Talking Wolverine

Bit of random trivia from the wacky days of 1977 – everyone’s favorite knuckle-clawed hunk Wolverine was planned to be a wolverine who mutated into a human. This was indicated by a passing leprechaun only he saw but the story group never followed through with this.

6. Samuel L. Jackson was Nick Fury by Accident

If it was rather convenient that Nick Fury started looking like Samuel L. Jackson, you might be pleased to learn this was no accident. Creators, Mark Miller and Bryan Hitch came up with the idea without asking him in 2000, and it wasn’t until over a decade later they told him he’d be a lead character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Upon hearing, Sam reacted by thanking them for getting him a 10-film movie deal.

7. Wasp Was Almost in ‘Avengers Assemble’

Wanna know some movie trivia that no one really knows? In earlier drafts, Henry Pym’s wife, Janet van Dyne was set to appear as the Wasp, an interesting setup as she was one of the original Avengers alongside Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. Her role however was given to Black Widow, likely to reduce clutter as she had been established in Iron Man 2.

8. Black Widow is How Old?

The films are very vague about how old Natasha Romanov is, only hinting she is old enough to have been raised by the KGB. In the comics however, various medical procedures and bits of biotechnology have allowed her to live for decades. As the KGB becomes a more distant memory, it’s more likely the young Natasha is much older than she looks. In the comics, she’s said to be 70 years-old!

9. Groot – Master of Lines

Saying “I am Groot” might be one of the easiest actor roles in any film to date, but that’s boring. Not only is every line specific to the situation, Vin Diesel recorded himself saying the line in multiple languages including Afrikaans, Russian, Mandarin, French, Flemish and Spanish. If saying “I am Groot” in over a dozen languages is not impressive enough, when it came to Baby Groot there was no added effect to his words; that was pure Diesel. Despite being famous for having a deep baritone voice on screen, Vin Diesel’s been imitating cartoon characters since he was a kid.

10. “He’s a Friend from Work!”

Did you spot this cool Thor: Ragnarok Easter Egg? When it was revealed, Thor shouting “He’s a friend from work!” made immense waves on social media. The idea came from a kid visiting the set as part of the Make A Wish foundation, who suggested the line to Hemsworth during a break between takes.